DJ Jewel: Framed with Glass (3 Sizes)

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"DJ Jewel" by David Garibaldi captures to the tones and sensuality of music in this art print. The culture and color of graffiti art served as an early inspiration for David Garibaldi. Born in Los Angles, he later moved as a youth to South Sacramento. It was here that he learned to enjoy the use of his hands and body through art on larger and somewhat illegal canvases by painting graffiti as an angst filled teen. The only constants in his life were music and art. But it wasn't until viewing performance painter Denny Dents portrait of Jimi Hendrix that Garibaldi discovered how his passion for paint and music could be an inspirational experience for more than just himself. He discovered music-driven-art, and in some ways it discovered him, revealing a portrait of passion and purpose.

Available in 3 sizes: 19x25, 23x29, 27x37