Art Consulting

Whether moving and updating an existing collection or starting from scratch, we make the selection process simple. We review blueprints, conduct a walk-through, help establish budgets and define your space's personality. If you already have artwork, we will repurpose, reframe or sell any piece that doesn't fit within the new space. New artwork is then sourced through our established network of local, national and international artists. We assure you the best artwork at the best prices. We also have an extensive inventory at our showroom in St Paul.

Our Art Consulting services include:

  • Art Selection & Procurement

  • Moving & Coordination of Existing Artwork

  • Commissioned & Public Art

  • Branding & Marketing Elements

  • History & Donor Walls

  • Custom Mirrors & Signage

  • Large Volume Mirror Installations

  • Custom Graphics & Large Format Digital Printing